Professionally Produced Remote Video Streaming

We Bring the Studio to You

Stream like the pros without the cost and crew.

Why Choose RAVN?

RAVN Delivers a Remote Solution for Professionally Produced Video Streaming

RAVN provides you with professional video broadcasting capabilities wherever you are. Our fully remote-controlled camera kits get you ready to stream professional video right out of the box, all with the services of a dedicated remote technical producer. Now you can have a professionally produced video stream from your home or office with no expensive equipment to buy and no need for a production crew on site.

Streaming with RAVN

The Big Picture

RAVN lets you share your content with your audience knowing that you have absolute confidence in the quality and reliability of your stream. See how your business or personal projects can benefit when you use the RAVN Remote Audio/Video Network.

Professional Equipment

RAVN is a high-end 4K camera with professional microphones and LED lighting, all-in-one. The reflective computer display can present anything from a teleprompter feed to Powerpoint slides to live online demos.

Dedicated Technical Producer

Your personal technical producer will walk you through set up and testing of RAVN, as well as provide support during your live stream, including video mixing and stream distribution.

Stream Distribution

RAVN supports distribution to all major streaming video platforms or video conferencing software. Your stream is always saved both locally to disk and backed up on our servers.

Dedicated Production Services

We support you through your entire Broadcast

Every booking with RAVN is assigned a personal producer and technician to produce your stream. We will be on call with you during your entire broadcast.

The RAVN Remote Camera Kit

Experience the Power to Go Live Wherever You Are

We connect with all major streaming platforms or conferencing software, and provide live stream distribution support and video mixing. Let us help you find the best solution for your video streaming needs.

Produce Full Live Shows with RAVN

Let RAVN Produce Your Live Stream with Professional Graphics, Music and Video Mixing

Because RAVN provides you with a dedicated producer, we can elevate your streaming production with live graphics - including titles, overlays, countdowns, and lower thirds - and provide video mixing for multiple cameras, music and audio, and video overlay for presentations. With all the production capabilities RAVN provides, you can produce professional broadcast-quality shows remotely from your home or office.

Use Live Animated Graphics in Your Video Stream
Overlay Your Video Over Presentations Using Chromakey
The RAVN Difference - Save Money, Save Time.

We make it simple to share your stream with your audience.

RAVN connects with all major streaming platforms to go live with your video exactly when you want. Your personal technician will handle all the details for you.

Receive Your Remote Kit

We'll send the kit to you with ample time to familiarize yourself with it and test and rehearse with your technician before you go live.

Get Set up with your Dedicated Technical Producer

Setting up our remote kits is nearly as simple as opening the box and plugging things in. Your personal technician will make sure everything behind the scenes is working properly.

Go Live to your Audience

When everything is ready, go live to your audience via a professional quality video stream with a live technical producer supporting you.

Let RAVN Be the Custom Streaming Solution for You

Don't hassle with extra costs and inconvenience when the studio can come to you. Experience the power to go live wherever you are with professionally produced video. Contact us to get started with RAVN today.

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