RAVN Unboxed

Our Capabilities And Technology

RAVN offers professional grade equipment and technology to provide solutions for a wide range of streaming projects and presentations.

The Details

What You Get Out of the Box

RAVN is the streaming solution that sends a professional camera kit to your location that is completely remotely controlled by a dedicated technical producer. Your kit contains a high-end camera, professional lighting and microphones, and a reflective computer display for teleprompter or any presentation. This is combined with a dedicated technical producer to produce your stream with live video mixing, stream distribution, and technical support.

Professional Equipment

Our Camera Kits come with a high-end 4K camera, professional microphones and LED lighting. A reflective heads-up display allows for a teleprompter or presentation viewing.

Dedicated Technical Producer

Your personal technical producer will walk you through set up and testing of the kit, as well as provide support during your live stream, including video mixing and stream distribution.

Stream Distribution

RAVN supports distribution to all major streaming video platforms or video conferencing software, and your stream is always saved both locally to disk and backed up on our servers.

Watch RAVN in Action

Showcasing RAVN’s Live Mixing Capabilities with Presentation Materials & Teleprompter

With the RAVN camera kit, software, and the help of your live producer, any RAVN video stream can incorporate live graphics, presentation materials and a teleprompter. Watch the video below, filmed live with RAVN, to see it in action.

Our Equipment

Camera Kit Specs

The RAVN Remote Camera Kit comes equipped with a high-end 4k camera, professional microphones and LED lighting. The reflective computer display can present anything from a teleprompter feed to Powerpoint slides to live online demonstrations.

  • 4K Cinema Camera
  • Directional and Lapel Microphones
  • Controlled LED Lighting
  • Professional Teleprompter
  • Reflective Computer Display
Our Capabilities

RAVN Supports a Wide Range of Projects

The RAVN camera kit and technology can support many different types of streaming productions. Here are the basic capabilities that we support:

  • Single Presenter Speaking
  • Displaying a Powerpoint Presentation
  • Using a Teleprompter Feed
  • Using an Outside Director
  • Presenting an Interactive Element Live on the Internet
  • Using Zoom or other Conferencing Software
Projects and Use Cases

Let RAVN be the Custom Streaming Solution for Your Project

RAVN can be used for a wide range of personal and business video streaming projects. We connect with all major streaming platforms or conferencing software, and provide live stream distribution support and video mixing. Let us help you find the best solution for your video streaming needs.

The Custom Streaming Solution Built to Fit Your Project

Contact us to tailor the RAVN streaming solution that fits your project and needs. Let's get you started with your remote streaming solution and dedicated producer with RAVN.

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