Why Choose RAVN

Professionally Produced Video Streaming Without the Cost and the Crew

You need to produce a video with way better quality than a laptop camera, professional lighting and audio, and the confidence to know the stream won't drop. You just don't want to buy all of the extra equipment or hire a crew.

The Problem

Before RAVN You Only Had Two Options

If you want to produce professional video for a live event stream in 2023, you can either Do It Yourself or Hire a Crew. If you do it yourself you need to spend heavily on equipment, lighting and microphones you may only need to use very infrequently, and you have no professional support if anything goes wrong during a live event. If you hire a crew or go into a studio, you're spending a ton of money on people and space and losing the convenience and freedom of streaming from your location without needing to hire an on-site crew.

The DIY Option

Sure, you could spend thousands on a really good camera, professional lighting and microphones, but what if that doesn’t make sense for you? The learning curve can be steep, or you may only need to use the equipment infrequently. You also risk not having technical support during your stream if anything goes wrong.

Hiring a Crew

A production crew can give you a great quality result, but the cost of hiring multiple people and scheduling their time and yours may make this option inconvenient or totally unfeasible for your project. Many modern projects require flexibility with time and location that large crews can’t accomodate.

The Middle Solution

The Technology to Stream from Home

With a Remote Producer

RAVN is the streaming solution that sends a professional camera kit to your location that is completely remotely controlled by our producers. You get the convenience of filming at your location without needing anyone but yourself, plus the quality and production values of high-end equipment and a dedicated technical producer during your entire stream.

Professional Camera Kit Delivered to Your Location

Your Camera Kit is delivered to your location, with a high-end camera, microphones and lighting - all able to be remotely operated by your dedicated technical producer.

Dedicated Support and Remote Production for Your Stream

RAVN is not just our equipment and technology, it is a dedicated service that supports you throughout your stream, from set up and testing through the entire live production.

No On-Site Crew or Purchasing Expensive Equipment

RAVN is a dedicated personal service at an efficient cost for you or your business. Don't hassle with extra costs and inconvenience when you can get pro video production on your schedule.

Streaming with RAVN

The Big Picture

RAVN let's you share your content with your audience knowing that you have absolute confidence in the quality and reliability of your stream. See how your business or personal projects can benefit when you use the RAVN Remote Audio/Video Network. Click the links below to view more about our capabilities or see how it works once you're ready to get started.

Your Personal Streaming Support System

The power to go live wherever you are with professionally produced video. Contact us to get started with your streaming camera kit and dedicated remote producer with RAVN.

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