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Welcome to RAVN. This guide will walk you through the steps to setup up and operate your RAVN kit. If you need any help, a dedicated technician can walk you through any part of the setup or operation, so don’t hesitate to call us. Call (415) 262-4222 or email

Getting Started

Quick Start Steps

When your RAVN kit arrives, you only need to perform 4 simple steps to get the kit set up and ready for testing with your technician:

Step 1: First you need to find and clear an appropriate place for the kit on a level surface such as a desk or table.

Step 2: Next your will need to connect the power cord to an outlet.

Step 3: Then connect the ethernet cable to either your location’s modem or to the provided wireless modem.

Step 4: Finally, turn on the power switch on the RAVN kit and you will then be ready to call your technician to walk you through testing and any remaining preparations.

What's in the Kit?

Listed below are all of the parts that come with your kit. Please note that additional parts may be included based upon your project needs. If any parts are missing please contact your technician.

  1. The RAVN Kit
  2. RAVN Power Cord
  3. LTE Cellular Modem
  4. Modem Power Cable
  5. Ethernet Cables
  6. Color Test Card
  7. Lavalier Clip-On Mic
  8. IFB Earpiece
  9. HDMI Cable

Setup Guide

RAVN Kit Placement

Choose a location where you will film your streaming event. You should prepare a clear space on a flat even surface you can sit in front of, such as a table or desk. Remove your RAVN Kit from the case by lifting it out vertically using the handles and place it in the spot you have cleared. The kit should sit roughly eye-level with you when you are seated in front of it looking into the reflective glass. You can use the parts tray from the case to raise the kit up if needed. First remove any remaining parts from the tray, then turn it upside down and place it under the kit to raise it up. It may also be useful to sit in an adjustable height chair for greater control over where you appear in the frame.

Connecting the Cables and Power Cord

Locate the power cable and ethernet cable in the parts tray that came with your kit. Connect the power cable into the power port on the back of the kit and plug the other end into a nearby power outlet. Then connect the ethernet cable to the first ethernet port in the row of ports on the back of the kit. There are other ports in the back of your kit for more advanced options, but you don’t need to worry about any of those for now.

Connecting to the Internet

Connect the other end of the ethernet cable into a connected internet modem or router at your location, or to the back of the provided wireless modem that came with your kit. If using the provided wireless modem, locate the power cable for the modem in the parts tray, then plug the modem into a power outlet. Hold down the power button on the wireless modem until it turns on. A blue light on the top of the modem should start flashing once the modem is connected.

Powering on the RAVN Kit

Once everything is connected, power on the kit by pressing the large red power button on the back of the kit. The camera in the back of the kit and screen in the front should power on and light up. The kit is now powered on and connected to the internet, so the next step is to get in touch with your RAVN technician.

Contacting Your Technician

Once you have your RAVN Kit set up, it’s time to set a meeting with your technician to test the kit and make any preparations needed for your shoot. Call or email us to schedule a time to talk to your technician so they can walk you through using your RAVN video kit and perform a full test with you live.

Using the RAVN Dashboard

You can login to your personal RAVN dashboard to see your equipment, view your camera feed and remote controls, see your streaming event schedule, and view everything regarding your account. If you would like to see a demo of the dashboard, you can view one by clicking here: RAVN Command Center. If you have already set up an account with us, your login credentials would have been provided to you. If you would like to set up an account, please call us at (415) 262-4222.

Placement Considerations

There are a few factors to consider when choosing where you will shoot your streaming event. Ideally the room you choose will have good natural lighting and no ambient noise. Any sound from the outside world or from appliances or other sources in the room will be picked up by the microphones. Also, for particular consideration with your RAVN Kit, the room should have access to power outlets and an ethernet port to connect to the internet (unless you are using the provided wireless modem). Finally, you should have enough room to place the kit on a desk or table and sit comfortably in front of it. Consider what is in the background behind you when you are seated, as this will be the backdrop of your streaming video.

Microphones and Audio

While the RAVN Kit has a built-in microphone, we recommend always using the clip-on lapel microphone that comes provided in the parts tray. This clip-on mic, called a ‘lavalier’ microphone, will almost always provide improved audio quality for a presenter’s voice. When you have your call with your personal technician, they will walk you through how to set up the microphone and clip it onto your clothing.

Additionally, we provide you with a talk-back earpiece that you can use to hear your technician during your presentation, just like professional broadcasters use. Your technician will also walk you through how to set this up on your call.